Crash Assailant Tour Service

We have a smooth Ford 15 Passenger Van built for comfort as well as a nice large trailer option. With years of experience, we know the ropes of touring and all that it entails. We can finally offer a full backline and have great contacts in the T-shirt, Sticker, Pins, Patches, CD pressing, and Poster printing business. We are located in Portland, Oregon in the Northwest of the USA. We have great contacts for booking. So what ever your needs are for a West coast or National USA tour, give us an email with all of your contact info and we may be able to help you accomplish whatever tour you are setting out to do. We have done tours for such bands as: MDC, Embrace the Kill, Star Fucking Hipsters, Old Habits Die Hard, The Restarts, Poison Idea, the Casualties, Demerit, Kylesa, SS Kaliert, Atriarch, Morning Glory, Final Conflict, Buzzoven, Pig Destroyer, Endon, Bongzilla, DOA, Rachael Miles, Shootdang, Dirty Kid Discount, Ireshrine, Windhand, Graves at Sea, Juicy Karkass, Flatfoot 56, Yob, Earth and Ground Score